10 Actors Who Had to Get Through Lots of Struggles to Transform Into a New Character

What’s a typical day like for an actor? Likely it’s signing autographs, receiving awards, and working with genius directors and talented colleagues. However, things aren’t all that simple. Very often, they have to endure tough diets, work out several times a day, and learn difficult skills in incredibly short periods of time. And in some very specific cases, they’ve had to eat raw liver and witness autopsies.

We at Viral Inspiral are inspired by how strong actors are. They’re prepared to work in the conditions that are the opposite of comfortable. They deserve a separate award just for this!

Daniel Radcliffe — Jungle

Daniel Radcliffe played the leading role in the film Jungle which was based on true events. The film tells the story of a group of friends who get lost in the Amazon rainforest. The role required Radcliffe to lose 33 lb in real life. The actor wanted to show how the main character was suffering in a way that was as real as possible, so he had to follow a very strict and difficult diet throughout the entire production. And right before the shoot, he didn’t eat anything for 2 days.

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