10+ Dangerous Tattoos Most People Don’t Know the Meaning Of

Tattoos are much more than just pictures on the body. For some groups of people, tattoos have a special meaning that makes a certain impression of the owner. So, if someone has a tattoo that doesn’t correspond with their personality or social status, it may be taken as an offense.

Viral Inspiral wants to keep you safe, so we decided to show you the most dangerous tattoos in the world, that can cause a lot of trouble. As it turns out, in some countries, you can go to prison for a tattoo or it could even cost you your life.


A tear under the right eye often means that the owner committed murder or attempted to. Many people get this tattoo if a loved one is doing time in prison or has died tragically. This tattoo may lead to trouble only in the case that someone got it for fun, because in the criminal world, people believe that you have to “earn” every tattoo.

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