10 Mental Illnesses We Often Mistake for Character Traits

Very often we explain a person’s extravagant actions by their character. But what if there is much more hiding behind it? The outstanding American psychotherapists Aaron T. Beck and Arthur Freeman have revealed some secrets of the human temper in their book, Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders.

Viral Inspiral has carefully studied the work of these scientists and prepared a guide of 10 personality traits that can cause people problems if they don’t control them.

1. Negligence

This category includes people who always want to have more rest and less work. Of course, it is a simple human wish, however, some of us often go too far. For example, if a company’s employee has taken several sick leaves within a year, took a couple of vacations and many non-paid days off, and also managed to be late for work many times, a psychologist would likely diagnose them with an antisocial personality disorder. However, there are a couple more symptoms that this causes:

  • Frequent unmotivated lies
  • A wish to live at the expense of others
  • Frequent dismissal without further employment plans, which means “going nowhere”
  • Making unplanned purchases and therefore, wasting money (a person was going to buy necessary products but bought a new game for his Play Station instead)

Time management and rewards can help fight antisociality. It can be a good idea to write down what gift you’ll give yourself for this or that achievement (for example, live according to the plan for a couple days) and stick to the schedule for at least one month to develop a habit. Also, when having such disorders, psychologists recommend the exercise, “the overview of choices”. When a problem is written down and all possible ways out of it are considered along with their advantages and disadvantages, it can help to make rational decisions.

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