10 Questions Scientists Don’t Have Answers To

Science is forever developing. Things that once seemed completely unreal 20 years ago in medicine and technology are now a part of everyday life. However, there are still some questions science can’t give any answers to. For example, how life initially arose, what happened before the Big Bang, how to explain seeing a ghost, and how to teach a computer to understand 100% of human speech.

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1. How did life start on Earth?

There are many theories that attempt to answer this question but even people who have the same concept of life can’t always agree. For example, people who support the idea of primordial soup (it’s not a cooking word, it’s an actual term) think that Earth itself formed complex molecules that led to the appearance of life. But the people who believe this theory don’t have the same opinion about where the most important process happened: in volcanic craters, under ice, or in the soil? There are many opinions but it doesn’t make the answer any clearer.

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