10 Scientific Discoveries Everyone Who Wants to Be Healthy Needs to Know

If we want to have a long and healthy life, we have to be aware of the latest scientific research in medicine. That’s because the result of such studies can greatly change our knowledge of medicine. For example, experts have recently come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s more healthy to sit with a bent back than with a straight one. Additionally, working at a nail salon is just as harmful as working at an oil refinery.

We at viral inspiral have learned about scientific discoveries that can have a positive influence on our lifestyle.

1. An appendectomy can lead to Parkinson’s disease.

Experts at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have analyzed the medical database that has information about 62.2 million clients. It was discovered that people who had an appendectomy had Parkinson’s disease 3 times more often. Experts don’t know the exact connection between the disease and the surgery but it is obvious that there is some kind of link between them.

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