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10 Sneaky Hacks Celebs Use to Make Themselves Look Better in Photos

When we scroll through our favorite celebrity photos on social media and look at how gorgeous they are, we can’t help but assume that they’re using photoshop to achieve that flawless look; but let’s face it, nobody has time for that. Their secret is not really in the editing process — it’s in the technical process of taking a photo that makes them look like true goddesses.

We, the viral inspiral team studied some of these celebrity accounts and discovered the simplest yet most intriguing tricks they use which helped them master the art of taking jaw-dropping selfies. Read until the end for the helpful video demonstration where we show you how you can look as good as these celebs in photos.

1. Squinting

This is the latest trick most celebrities use when posing in order to make themselves appear more flirty, young, and feminine. They slightly narrow their eyes and curve their lips into a tiny smile without pressing them too much. This trick helps to raise your cheekbones and make your face appear younger.

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