10 Stories Everyone Loves That Will Have a Remake

It happens so often that when our favorite movies end, we are left depressed and thinking, “It is so sad that it’s over!” And it is so great when directors, producers, and scriptwriters decide to make their fans happy and say, “We’re sorry it’s over too. So, let’s just start it all over again!” This is probably how remakes happen.

We at Viral Inspiral heard that, for example, the Disney company is going to shoot remakes of their classic cartoons. Home Alone, Tom and Jerry, and The Lord of the Rings are just a few films that are going to be rebooted very soon. And even the Breaking Bad show is likely to get a full-length film. But we’ll tell you about that later.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Netflix got the rights to the screen adaption of all 7 Clive Lewis books about Narnia. The company is going to release movies and a show about this magical universe and the kids who got into it. It is already known that the “creative architect” of this project is Matthew Aldrich, the one who wrote the script for the Oscar-winning Coco.

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