10 Things a Kid Needs to Learn in Childhood to Be a Happier Adult

In the first years of life, your child receives a large amount of information from their surroundings and preserves it. “Children’s brains are like a sponge,” some people say. And, in childhood, they form the basis for their self-image and their language. That is why there are certain lessons that are essential in the early years, so that your child can build a foundation to help them master the skills in adulthood that are more complex.

Viral Inspiral has put together a list of skills for you that are best obtained from a young age, and that will be very useful for your children when they become adults.

1. A second language

One study showed that children who learn a second language adapt more quickly to change, have a better memory, and have a better understanding of language in general. Not to mention that communicating in other parts of the world will not be a problem for your child and they will enjoy having more career options. As if this wasn’t enough, scientists from the Rotman Research Institute in Canada, have proven that speaking 2 languages helps the brain to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s in old age.

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