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10 Things Your Tootsies Will Thank You for Doing

Usually, we put some effort into our hair and makeup, but for some reason, we tend to forget about our legs even though pain or swelling in that part of the body can easily spoil our day. It’s important to show your legs and feet some love! And of course, it is useful to know how to relax your feet after a long day of wearing uncomfortable shoes or high heels.

viral inspiral has researched what it takes to take care of the legs and feet. Here are 10 recommendations to help keep your feet looking and feeling healthy.

1. Don’t forget about pedicures — and do them right!

Avoid pedicures if you have bites or scratches. The basins for pedicures might collect bacteria that can enter the body through injuries, causing infection. Also, wait a couple of days after you’ve undergone any hair removal.

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