10 Tips That Can Help Women Deal With Bullies at Work

Bullies at the workplace have become a common thing. 66% of working women are being bullied. In addition, men behave abusively more often than women. And among the offenders, 61% are bosses. Bullies affect a person’s perception of self and can lead to serious health problems. Sometimes it’s so hard to stay strong. Especially, when you’re bullied by a boss. But still it’s important to try your best to protect yourself.

Viral Inspiral wants to share with you some tips how to resist the bullies. We hope that this will help you work with pleasure and save your nerves.

1. Stay a woman, and don’t become one of the guys.

When working with men, don’t forget that you are a woman. And try to avoid flirting with co-workers. You’re a colleague and a member of a team, not an object of desire. You’re a beautiful woman and it won’t do without compliments, but it’s better to distinguish between work and personal life.

Feel equal to men without fraternization. They should remember that you’re a woman and they need to comply with certain standards of decency in your presence: they should not swear, should not give you a nickname, and they need to talk and behave respectfully.

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