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10 Tips to Help You Heal Dry Eyes

According to the National Health Service, 1 in 3 people experiences dry eyes at least once during their lifetime. Dry eyes usually occur when the eyes don’t produce enough tears to stay hydrated or because the tears evaporate too quickly. This usually happens due to hormonal changes, activities, environmental changes, contact lenses, or certain medications. Thankfully there are various natural ways to treat dry eyes without resorting to any medications.

Here at Viral Inspiral, we compiled a list of natural home remedies that can help you treat dry eyes within a few days.

1. Get a humidifier.

An unhealthy environment is the main cause of dry eyes in most cases, so a humidifier is an answer to your problem. A humidifier adds moisture to the room in which it is placed and with more moisture in the air, the tears from your eyes will evaporate a lot slower thus keeping your eyes more comfortable. It is important however to ventilate the area by opening up the windows when you are not in the room to prevent mold from building up. In addition, if you live or work in a dusty environment, consider getting an air filter for cleaner air.

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