10 Weird Things That Happen in the Female Body

In Ancient Greece, women were considered a different species from men because of how different they were in their bodies and virtues. And as much as civil rights have changed, there are still many mysteries regarding the female body.

We at Viral Inspiral are taking every chance we can to show you new facts and studies about a large part of our population, and some of them might surprise even the most knowledgeable of people.

1. Morning sickness is good for future moms.

Scientists from the University of Colorado have found that morning sickness during pregnancy is actually a coping mechanism, helping the fetus to avoid toxins from fish, meat, and poultry the mother consumes. Also, if you get morning sickness, it could be a sign of a strong baby since according to the Quantity Review of Biology, women who have morning sickness have considerably lower chances of miscarrying.

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