11 Delicate Lingerie Questions We Are Too Shy to Discuss, Even With Close Friends

Many people think that questions about how to wear lingerie are taboo and they shouldn’t be discussed with anyone. Even when women go to a store, they are not always willing to ask for help. As a result, because we either can’t or don’t want to ask for advice, we often wear bras and panties the wrong way, which can cause health issues.

We at Viral Inspiral realized how awkward the situation was, so we decided to not only give answers to the most popular and uncomfortable questions but also offer recommendations on choosing the right undergarments.

1. Can you wear the same underwear for several days?

Did you forget to wash your underwear? It’s okay. If your panties look clean, you can wear them again, there will be no harm done to your health. However, if you have some visible scratches, a rash, or discomfort near your private parts, it is better to not try your luck: dirty underwear can lead to an infection.

The same goes for cases where you’ve been sweaty a lot during the day or done some very intense training. The moisture, especially in such a sensitive area, creates the perfect conditions for the reproduction of bacteria and fungal infections. So, it is better to wear new fresh panties if you can.

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