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11 Keyboard Combinations That Can Make Your Life Way Easier

Turning a sequence of mouse clicks into a simple press of a key or 2 can go a long way in increasing your productivity. Brainscape calculated that a person spending 8 hours in front of a computer daily can lose 64 hours every year by using a mouse instead of the keyboard for most tasks.

While we might all know a few keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for paste, we seldom try to find or use other shortcuts. Bright Side made a list of 11 keyboard shortcuts that will turn you into a power user. Also, for those who are just starting out typing on a keyboard, there’s a bonus at the end!


For Windows users: While most of you know that the Ctrl + Z is used to undo an action, did you know that there is a keyboard combination that does just the opposite? Pressing Ctrl + Y will redo the action that you undid.

For Mac users: Command + Shift + Z

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