11 Oddities of Geniuses That Few People Know About

A genius mind comes at a price: most of these great people were oddballs with really weird habits. Everyone knows about the ear of Vincent van Gogh, but did you know that Alfred Hitchcock was actually scared of his own movies? Or did you know that Pablo Picasso was a big ladies’ man and loved shooting?

Viral Inspiral has researched the biographies of some famous people from art and science and come to the conclusion that even though some of the things these people did seemed questionable to society, they were still extraordinarily talented.

1. Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was easily the most provocative artist of all time. Here are just some of his oddities:

  • Dali had an ant eater from the Paris zoo as a pet and once he walked with it on the streets of the city.
  • Once, the artist did an interview while sitting in a tree, and sometimes he gave lectures in a diving suit: he claimed that it was easier for him to dive into the ocean of his subconscious.
  • Salvador was convinced that dreams were the sources of his ideas for paintings. He had one trick: he sat on a chair holding a heavy key in his hand and tried to fall asleep. As he drifted into sleep, his grip got weaker, and when the key hit the ground, he’d open his eyes and have a moment to catch a glimpse of his dream.
  • Dali’s will was to be buried so that people could walk on his grave. The artist’s body is entombed in the floor of one of the rooms of the Dali museum in Figueras, so hundreds of people walk on top of him every day.

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