11 Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

According to survey results from the Gallup company, 60% of millennials are lonely. This happens even despite the wide availability of online dating sites and the presence of Tinder with hundreds of millions of users from all over the world. But why is this so? Why do communications stop after 2 or 3 dates?

Viral Inspiral has looked at this situation closely and found out 11 types of people who are usually blacklisted after a couple of offline meetings.

Mama’s boy

Imagine being invited to his home for a cup of coffee after dinner but being asked to speak quietly because his parents are sleeping in the next room. Yes, it means that the one you chose lives with parents, however he stopped being a student a long time ago. It’s so convenient when your mom is always there to feed you, to keep everything clean and organized, and to wash your clothes. She might even give you some pocket money if you behave well. This guy can be a great friend, but not a good husband.

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