12 Celebrities Who Had Their First Child After 40

Despite doctors’ recommendations in most countries to have the first baby before the age of 30, this number is constantly increasing. Careers, failed relationships, and problems with conception are just some of the reasons why women decide to postpone motherhood. Sometimes, children are born when their mothers are well over 40 years old. And these cases inevitably attract a lot of attention.

We at Viral Inspiral are inspired by the examples of women who have enough courage to contradict the generally accepted norms just like the women from this compilation did. They took the risk to become first-time mothers after the age of 40.

Eva Mendes, 40 years old

Since 2011, the actress has been in a relationship with one of the most desired men in Hollywood — Ryan Gosling. During this period, the couple had 2 daughters, Esmeralda, and Amanda Lee. After that, the famous parents got married in secret. In one of her interviews, Eva said that when she fell in love with Ryan, she didn’t just want to have children, but she wanted to have his children. Now, Mendes spends all of her free time with her daughters and she isn’t interested in coming back to Hollywood.

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