12 Foods That Can Have a Strange Effect on Your Psyche

It’s becoming more and more trendy to eat healthy foods. When we look at the shelves in grocery stores and study the ingredients of every single thing we eat, it’s easy to see which foods are more useful to our bodies and which ones are more harmful. But scientific studies have proven that it’s hard to tell what is truly beneficial to our health and what isn’t since many foods actually contain a lot of different chemicals we didn’t even know existed.

At viral inspiral, we’ve researched this topic and found some foods that can have both negative and positive effects on our psyches.

Peeled rice contains fast carbohydrates which make glucose molecules get into the blood quickly. Your sugar level can change dramatically which can have a negative effect on brain health and the nervous system.

Popcorn contains protein, gold, phosphorus, iron, silicon, and magnesium which allow the nervous system to function properly. And the vitamin B that popcorn contains also helps to battle depression and stress.

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