12 Tricks That Bartenders Use to Make You Spend More

Nice bartenders who offer free cocktails and snacks aren’t always sincere: perhaps they’re trying to gain your trust to trick you. They can be true wizards who turn wine into champagne and strong tea with pepper into expensive cognac so well that you don’t even notice it.

Viral Inspiral has investigated the case and now knows which tricks dishonest bartenders use to fool their clients.

1.Soaking instead of pouring

Before serving a cocktail, a bartender can soak the edge of your glass on a plate with alcohol or wipe the edge with a sponge soaked in alcohol so that some liquid remains on your glass. Then they add a lot of ice, soda, and just a few drops of gin. And when you drink your expensive cocktail, you smell a strong alcohol odor that comes from your glass, but not your drink.

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