13 Signs of a Toxic Friendship That Can Only Harm You

The longer a relationship is, the more valuable it is. It’s difficult to stop communicating with old friends but sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary. A good friendship can become weaker over the years and may even prove useless for both parties involved.

Viral Inspiral has collected the most popular signs of a toxic friend for our female readers. If you notice that your close friend has at least some of these qualities, it may be time to think about whether you need to keep communicating with this person or not.

1. She is not happy when you’re successful.

If you tell a toxic friend about your success and her immediate reaction is to change the subject by complaining about her failures and says things like, “See! You have a boyfriend and I have nothing!” or “You’ve won the competition and I will never be able to,” she doesn’t care about the good things happening in your life, but she loves it when you’re in trouble.

This leads to: Receiving a negative reaction from your friend about your successes can make you feel guilty. You may want to help her find a boyfriend or win a competition but when you offer her help, she’ll reject it which can make the situation even worse.

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