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13 Things That Make a House Messy and Not Cozy

Have you ever considered that a lot of mirrors in your bedroom might increase your cleaning time or that dark shades on your lamps could increase your electric bill? There are many things at home that we are used to and that we think are useful. But the truth is they either make us clean more often or create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

We at Viral Inspiral have collected some tips that you can use especially if you are planning to redecorate your house or apartment.

1. Sofa bed

There is no real reason to try to save room by buying a sofa bed instead of a regular bed. Guests don’t come over that often. Transforming the bed every day and getting poor sleep is not good at all. Additionally, these sofas have less space, so the quality of sleep will be worse for this reason too.

  • If you are going to buy new furniture, you should get a regular bed with a good mattress. This piece of furniture will stay in good condition for a much longer time than a transforming sofa.

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