14 Rules That Make a Princess’s Life Less Than Easy

Every girl dreams of being a princess from the moment she first sees a Disney movie. A fairy-tale castle, a charming prince, and a kingdom as well — what could be better? However, the life of real princesses is not as easy as it may seem.

Bright Side collected a list of things that princesses, unlike ordinary girls, are forbidden to do.

14. Sign autographs

Kate is allowed to be photographed with her fans and shake their hands, but she must not sign autographs. According to royal rules, she can put her signature only on official documents. The reason for this rule is Queen Elizabeth’s fear that someone might forge the signatures and use them against her family.

13. Work in an office

Before her marriage, Kate worked for her parents’ business for some time. The firm dealt with delivering goods and organizing events. Now Kate’s work is visiting charity dinners, schools, and hospital openings.

It is believed that the Duchess doesn’t like such events much and tries to avoid them. For this reason, she was, perhaps rather unkindly, given the nickname “Lazy Kate” as some say she is the one who skips such meetings the most among all the royals.

12. Eat mussels or oysters

It’s unknown how upset Kate was when she was asked to refuse oysters. The ban is connected to the fact that oysters can cause allergies and become poisonous when stored incorrectly. Hence, the Duchess and other members of the royal family are forbidden to risk their health.

11. Wear a bright manicure

No rhinestones, chevrons, or broken glass on the nails. According to the dress code, the Duchess of Cambridge can use only nude-colored shades. Kate’s manicure usually consists of 2 shades: a tender pink (#28 Rose Lounge by Bourjois) and a sophisticated nude (#423 Allure by Essie).

Of course, it’s a universal option, but it would be great if a classical French manicure was allowed too. Otherwise, it’s slightly boring.

10. Have a profile page on social media

There is a strict ban on using social media in the royal family. This rule applies because personal information can become public.

There are official pages for the royal family on Twitter and Instagram, but they are controlled by professionals who carefully select photos and prescribe the text for publications.

It’s a pity not to have a chance to post even a small bouquet on Instagram when you have such a busy life and so many professional photo sessions.

9. Kiss in public

Queen Elizabeth II considers it inappropriate to express feelings in public and insists that her grandchildren behave properly. Due to this rule, there were rumors about disturbances between Kate and William because they always keep a distance in public.

8. Go shopping alone

Kate likes shopping as much as any other girl. However, she cannot do it alone. The Duchess is allowed to visit supermarkets and modern London boutiques only with protection officers.

Well, it’s convenient to some extent because there is always someone available to ask if a dress suits you or not.

7. Wear fur

Before her marriage, Kate loved to wear fur. You can see many photos of her wearing fur coats and fur hats on the internet.

Now the Duchess can wear fur occasionally but only of animals that died of natural causes.

6. Vote

The Duchess, as well as other members of the royal family, is forbidden to vote or run for parliament. All monarchs undertake to keep neutrality and not spoil their reputation through politics.

5. Wear ambiguous dresses

Kate once loved bright and youthful styles. Now she must wear modest and elegant outfits. Her styles are carefully planned by stylists to avoid ambiguous and controversial statements.

4. Play Monopoly

According to royal protocol, there is a ban on Monopoly because the game is considered to be vicious and senseless.

It seems that Kate was not too upset by this. The main thing is that she can still play hockey, which she simply adores.

3. Travel with the whole family

This rule appeared in the last century when it was very dangerous to fly on planes. This ban helps to protect the royal lineage should anything happen to the plane.

This rule is often neglected nowadays because there is much less danger when flying.

2. Sit in the wrong place

It is just like in the fairy tale: “Who sat on my chair? Who ate from my plate?” All members of the royal family must follow a special order when seated and occupy only their places. Also, when the Queen finishes her meal, everyone else should stop eating as well.

What if you are still hungry? Where is the justice?!

1. Visit beauty salons less than 3 times a week

The Duchess should always look elegant and have a perfect hairdo. That’s why she should visit beauty salons not less than 3 times a week. Of course, all the transformations of Prince William’s wife happen behind closed doors and are carefully hidden from the public.

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