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15 Mistakes Most of Us Make When Using a Blow-Dryer (It’s a Bad Idea to Dry Hair From the Bottom Up)

Is there anything simpler than blow-drying and styling your hair after taking a shower? It might seem simple, but it turns out this process has its tricks as well. Things like the distance between the blow-dryer and the hair, the temperature, and even the direction of the airflow matter.

Viral Inspiral dove into the science of hair drying and extracted the most widespread mistakes out of it that you can go ahead and stop repeating after reading this article.

1. Blow-drying hair with hot air only

Almost all hair driers have a cold air flow mode and it’s not a manufacturer’s mistake. Switch the button to the cold mode in order to fix the results of your styling. Cool air will slow down the evaporation of moisture, which means that the curls will last longer. By the way, it’s a good preventative method for the appearance of split ends.

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