15 Things Normal to South Korea but Astonishing to the Rest of the World

South Korea is a country of contrasts where modern technologies and old Asian traditions are harmoniously combined. Every journey to this amazing country reveals countless new secrets and mysteries.

Bright Side selected the most remarkable findings from South Korea that will amaze you, for sure.

1. State support of pregnant women

All pregnant women in South Korea receive a special credit card from the government. This card has $500 on it. A future mother can spend this money on medical treatment and all necessary medicine. Also, a woman can get a social trinket which allows for comfortable use of public transportation. The seats for pregnant women on the subway are marked with a pink color. The trinket activates this sign, so that all the passengers know that there is an expectant mother in the car. This is especially helpful for those in the early stages of pregnancy. There are also special parking places for future mothers.

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