28 Japanese Inventions That Are Just Bizarre

Japan is known for having some of the most interesting forms of casual technology in the world. Their innovative ways of thinking and social culture produce opportunities for technology to shine in ways it never had the chance to before. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of 28 inventions that have improved their lives in small ways and large.

1 Portable Butt Cans

Here we have a polite invention that makes sure that the people of Japan don’t have to deal with the smell of tobacco in the streets. Rather than providing trash bins, a police officer will approach you and give you a portable butt can to put your remnants in.

2 Beautiful Space Chocolates

These chocolates are specially designed to look like the planets of the solar system. They’re made from high-quality chocolate, meaning they’re delicious, but they’re so beautiful that we couldn’t imagine actually eating them.

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