5 Crucial Reasons Why Corporal Punishment Is an Awful Way to Raise a Child. And 5 Ways That Work Better

Physical punishment is a common method used to “educate” spoiled or disobedient children, at least 4 out of 5 parents do it, and 9 out of 10 times, it’s a woman — either the mom or the caretaker. Some don’t hesitate to give a spanking to their kids, and the most desperate use whatever they can manage to find in their hand, like a belt. But even though they think they’re putting their kids on the right track, and believe their actions are harmless at the end, research shows that it’s not just damaging, but it doesn’t work.

Viral Inspiral will show you why this may be a slippery slope and which methods are better to educate your kids.

1. It doesn’t work and it makes matters worse.

It’s true, children can be pushy and parents patience has its limits, but when they resort to spanking, they won’t achieve anything. Research shows that violence doesn’t work in the long run as a way to discipline a kid, because they need to internalize the causes behind their bad behavior. In other words, kids need to understand; they need an explanation for why the way they’re conducting themselves is not proper. Violence is just a quick way to stop the child’s actions.

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