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5 Smart Life Hacks to Keep Your Belongings Safe on Vacation

Tourists are easy prey for thieves around the world because being in a new place together with meeting new people decreases our level of awareness. According to police statistics, more than 6,000 thefts are committed in Barcelona alone, per day. And these are only official statistics, we don’t know how many people don’t report a crime to law enforcement. In order to not be left in a different country without money and your documents, there are few simple rules you should follow.

We at Viral Inspiral collected recommendations of experienced travelers about how one can keep their valuables safe and not spoil their vacation. Don’t miss our bonus at the end — it will tell you how an ordinary fork can help you lock the front door.

5. Choose the right floor in a hotel.

Security experts recommend renting a hotel room on the 3rd to the 6th floors. It’s easier to get inside and then out of the rooms located on the lower floors. Burglars won’t require extraordinary skills to take your belongings out of the room unnoticed.

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