6 Behavior Models That Can Turn Reasonable People Into Know-It-All Parents

All parents love their children — it’s completely natural. But there are some moms and dads who feel that parenthood gives them unwritten rights and benefits, making them better and wiser than other people. They’re happy to share their priceless experience when nobody asks, they waste their colleagues’ precious time telling them long stories about their children, and require others to let them pass ahead in line at the supermarket. These are just some examples of the kind of negative behavior some parents can have.

We at Viral Inspiral think that we shouldn’t be extreme about anything — even something as noble as a family devotion. We’ve collected the most absurd examples of parents’ love and our studies prove that such behavior doesn’t only irritate others, but it also does harm to the parents themselves and their children.

1. Breaking social standards with the excuse of a child

For some adults, children serve as permission for certain behavior even if it violates generally accepted rules. It can be anything, big or small, like going ahead of the line in the supermarket, undressing a child right in the middle of the park for them to pee, or taking a nearly grown son to a woman’s dressing room. If you ask these parents to refrain from doing these things, they may start yelling about having equal rights.

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