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6 New Trends That Can Harm Your Health

Sometimes if you follow new health trends, you can actually harm yourself. This is all because of marketers who push trends aimed at young people who have strong and healthy bodies. But those who have some chronic illnesses or other ailments have to be very careful about the health trends they follow.

We at Viral Inspiral want to share the results of some studies with you — but keep in mind, not everything that seems safe is healthy for everyone.

1. High-intensity interval training

The people who dream of having a perfect body think that this training is pure magic. But a study conducted by Rutgers University showed that those who do this at a fast pace are more prone to getting injured and suffering from inflammation of the knees and shoulders. It’s just that in order to do this kind of training, you have to have a certain level of preparation. But if you’re a beginner and decide to lose weight quickly, this is definitely not a good option for you.

Keeping all this in mind, make sure you always warm up before you train and move onto more intense exercises gradually.

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