6 Signs You’re Infected With the “Poverty Virus”

Compulsive buying and a constant desire to get things on credit aren’t a person’s fault. A stress hormone known as cortisol is responsible for the decision-making process: it worsens memory and reduces concentration, decreases self-control, and makes a person feel a bit like a zombie. Feeling poor has the same influence on the brain as a long night without sleep would.

Viral Inspiral learned some of the signs of an unhealthy attitude toward money.

You stick to your parents’ behavioral patterns.

If throughout your childhood you heard things like, “We can’t afford that”, “You must stick to any job you have”, or “We don’t print money,” it gets into your head on a subconscious level.

Our beliefs, including ones we take from our parents, influence our approach to how we do our jobs, what things to buy and at what price, and what lifestyle to lead.

Limits and deprivations in childhood make a person more inclined to feel stressed and depressed. Simple tasks look harder for them and even small obstacles can cause a lack of motivation.

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