7 Fake Pics the Entire Internet Believed Without Hesitation. But Now We Know the Truth

Because there’s so much information available at our fingertips today, a person’s attention span is a very valuable resource. That being said, the Internet is ready to take serious measures to attract it. Some websites intentionally publish fake news in order to attract our attention and exaggerate what happened in reality. Typically, these posts look quite real and users begin sharing them actively, spreading them across the web at lightning speed.

We at Viral Inspiral ask you to be critical about the information you get online and the sources you get it from. “Trust but verify” is the best course of action when it comes to these 7 fakes that many people actually believed.


In 2017, a guy from Rostov (a city in Russia) posted a photo of a “smiling” Rockefeller widow at her husband’s funeral on his Facebook page. Many users actually believed that the post was real and it collected more than 17,000 shares in just 34 days. The people who left comments under the photo judged the woman in the picture and wrote things like, “Finally,” and “What she had been waiting for, happened.”

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