7 Rash Mistakes Almost All Young Mothers Make, and Some of Them Are Quite Dangerous

Today’s young mothers have access to tons of information about how to take the best care of a newborn baby like classes for pregnant women, online blogs written by pediatricians and psychologists, forums, and of course, opinions from grandmothers. But often, recommendations given to women who have recently given birth tend to contradict each other. So how is a woman supposed to sort all this out and do the right thing?

Some Viral Inspiral writers have been through this and want to tell you about some of the most common mistakes, many of which they’ve made themselves.

Not feeding a child with formula

Breast milk is the best food for a child. But unfortunately, sometimes there’s just not enough of it available. Nurses in maternity wards have bottles of formula to make sure the baby is well-fed but some mothers completely refuse to use them. Being hungry is very dangerous for children: it causes dehydration which can lead to death.

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