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7 Relieving Pieces of News for Those Who Are Scared of Getting Cancer

It’s probably not a huge exaggeration to say that cancer scares people more than other diseases. People think that an oncological disease is a death sentence and the media makes matters worse by talking about cancer all the time. Today, many people suffer from the fear of getting cancer and often “diagnose” themselves with it the second they feel a little sick.

We at Viralinspiral think that we should fight our fears and get rid of them as fast as possible. That’s why we’ve prepared 7 comforting facts about the most terrifying disease in the world. We are not trying to say that you should ignore worrying symptoms and that you should forego a trip to the doctor, we just want you to panic less

1.If a hair is growing through a mole, it’s most likely not melanoma.

Many people who have moles are scared of getting skin cancer. But here’s some good news: if a hair is growing through a mole, it’s most likely benign. The thing is, if a hair managed to grow through, the skin structure is not altered. When a person has skin cancer, the channels that hair grow through can’t form.
However, if hair used to grow through the mole and now it doesn’t, this still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cancer. But you should still see a doctor to be sure you’re alright.

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