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7 Simple Conversation Tips to Make Anyone Like You

We often find ourselves in moments of awkward silence or those where we wish we could chat up someone. What holds us back is not knowing the right questions to ask without coming off as a creep or someone with bad intentions.

At Viral Inspiral, we understand the need to be good at starting great conversations socially and to ward off any awkwardness that the wrong approach or questions may create. We have compiled a list of easy questions and ways you can start friendly conversations, and keep them going.

1. Discuss your surroundings.

This is a technique that’s useful in many situations. Simply use your senses to observe the environment you are in and a few basic visual clues about the person before striking up a conversation. Take cues from the place you are in or something that the person may be holding — like a book or a certain brand of coffee. Use that to start a conversation on the topic.

It can be something like: “Hey! That’s a great book, Have you read XYZ by the same author?” or “I love the fries they serve at this restaurant. They’re the best!”

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