7 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women

There’s a belief that men don’t pay attention to tiny details and see only things that lie on the surface. The fact is, they usually care about things that women don’t even think about. And of course it’s good to know about these things so you can use them to your advantage.

Viral Inspiral gathered and described some common details that men usually notice in women according to specialists.

Face expression

It’s absolutely wrong to think that men can’t read emotions: during evolution, all people gained this skill to be able to tell friends from enemies.

It turns out that men notice not just the obvious signals like tears or a smile. They also see insincerity reflected in cold eyes and slight disappointment in lips compressed together.

The ability to read faces gives them an opportunity to understand what women want even before they know it. This nonverbal (wordless) communication can even excite men because it helps them feel special.

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