7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For

Anna Bykova is a lazy mom. And she isn’t ashamed to admit that. Moreover, the psychologist and the author of several best-selling books is even proud of this “title” as she believes that it gives her children an opportunity to become more independent. However, by laziness, Anna doesn’t mean lying on the sofa all day long, but a desire to not do everything herself. For example, sometimes it’s better to be “lazy” and let a 7-year-old do the dishes to improve their fine motor skills. And it’s fine that you’ll have to wipe the floor dry after this and wash the dishes again when the child isn’t looking.

Viral Inspiral supports this unusual parenting technique that’s basically the opposite of being overprotective. And, with the author’s permission, we’d like to share with you some tips that can make the lives of many parents way easier.

Train your child to use the potty

How? It’s a step-by-step process that requires patience.

The potty should always be in the same place where a child can easily see it. Never force the child to sit on a potty.
In the beginning of the training, don’t forget to praise your child every time they sit on the potty. The result is irrelevant at this point: it doesn’t matter if they actually left something in the potty or if the child did you a favor and just sat on this weird object with their pants off.
You can also try to put a teddy bear on the potty and tell fairy tales about how characters enjoy wearing dry pants. And that’s it! The rest is just a matter of time.
From the book An Independent Child or How to Become “A Lazy” Mother by Anna Bykova.

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