7 Unexpected Changes That Happen in a Woman’s Body After Childbirth

A woman’s life changes drastically after childbirth because she has to bear responsibility both for herself and her baby. Big changes occur in a young mother’s body — scientists claim that she becomes a chimera since the cells of a newborn baby can stay with her for the rest of her life.

Viral Inspiral learned how a woman’s body changes after it has delivered a new human to this world.

1. The voice changes.

The voice of a woman who gives birth to a child changes — it becomes lower and more monotonous. That’s the conclusion the scientists from the University of Sussex came to. One year after childbirth, a woman’s voice goes back to its initial frequency.

Researchers suggest that these changes are caused by hormonal changes. That’s because the level of sex hormones drastically decreases after childbirth and it can affect the vocal cords. According to scientists, the maximum voice height of a woman who gives birth falls to 44 Hz or 2.2 semitones. This equals approximately 2 piano notes.

However, this change has another explanation as well. Experts believe that people with a low voice, as a rule, are considered more competent and mature. That’s why women can subconsciously change their timbre in order to adjust to their new role of a mother.

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