7 Unexpected Facts About Love and Relationships That Have Been Revealed in Recent Years

Scientists, in their quest to find answers to all love related questions, have come up with really surprising conclusions. Common myths have been debunked and we have to accept and use more and more new information about relationships. Sometimes scientists’ tips are really useful and help us find love or help us save our relationships from a breakup.

Viral Inspiral has found 7 new psychological studies that are useful for those who want to understand what love is.

Everything depends on the first kiss.

A study conducted by the University of Oxford has revealed that the initial kiss may be used to evaluate aspects of a potential man’s or woman’s suitability. As a rule, kisses are considered to be really important when it comes to long-term relationships (especially, for women).

The results have shown that the initial hypothesis stating that the primary function of kissing is to elevate levels of arousal is actually wrong.

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