7 Unexpected Personality Traits Almost No One Really Likes

It’s absolutely normal to dislike someone. People have always had to be suspicious of strangers just to survive in this world. Today, survival isn’t quite an issue anymore, but we all probably know a couple of people who annoy us for no reason. So what’s wrong with them?

Viral Inspiral will tell you about some annoying features and habits of people we subconsciously try to avoid.

7. Excessive altruism

Kindness is a feature that we all appreciate. But sometimes people are just too kind and sacrificial and it annoys others. If you’re always nice and ready to help (even if this help will affect you), people may start treating you with suspicion.

Studies show that people hate both excessive selflessness and excessive selfishness. It doesn’t happen because people are ungrateful. The thing is, selfless kindness causes many questions: “What do they want?” or “What are they thinking about?” What’s more, no one wants to look “worse” and less selfless if compared to someone who is really altruistic.

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