8 Annoying Child Habits That Are Actually Normal

Each parent can recall the moment when their angel turned into a 2-year-old toddler with an awful attitude and started doing annoying things. In these cases, parents are often told to see a psychologist. But are these habits really so bad that they require an expert’s help?

Viral Inspiral has decided to research some unpleasant child behavior issues and we have news for you. You can calm down, your baby’s fine.

8. Always answers “no”

A nice and quiet child suddenly starts refusing everything their parents offer them. They argue even when it comes to things they like.

What happens:

As a rule, the “no” period indicates that a child has started to realize that they can assert themselves. It usually occurs when a child is 2.5 to 3 years old. They finally understand that they’re individuals and not part of their parents, and try to carve out their place in the family.

What to do:

Be patient and don’t try to suppress your child’s rebellious spirit. Let them make decisions and let them be more independent: it’s fine if your child decides what to wear to go to kindergarten. This way, your child will trust you more and become more confident.

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