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8 Clothing Combinations That Can Make Your Image Look Ridiculous

It seems that modern women aren’t restricted at all when it comes to fashionable looks. That’s why combinations such as shoes and bags made from different materials that were banned in the past are extremely popular now. But we can’t forget about common sense even if we’re trying to be trendy.

Viral Inspiral follows fashion trends but understands that mixing certain items just isn’t the best idea.

8. Thigh-high boots with a below-the-knee skirt

Why is it a bad idea?

High shoes paired together with a long skirt make our legs look shorter. If you have barefoot shoes, you’ll look even shorter (even if your legs are actually long).

What should you wear instead?

  • Wear ankle boots or sneakers (if you like this style).
  • If you can’t help wearing thigh-high boots with a long skirt, it’s recommended to choose a high-waisted skirt.

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