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8 Household Items That Can Make Your WiFi Work Poorly

Raise your hand if you’ve never experienced the stress of a lousy internet connection. Sometimes, the problem originates in the router’s settings or the poor service offered by the hired company. But most of the time, a bad WiFi connection arises because of specific objects or furniture that we have at home that are too close to the router or our computers.

Viral Inspiral wants to tell you which items are your WiFi’s main enemies. You’ll find useful tips at the end of the article that you can use to avoid encountering a bad connection, don’t miss them!

1. Metal surfaces and furniture

Metal is a conductor, which means it absorbs electricity. Since your WiFi releases electromagnetic waves, any metal surface or object in your house will prevent the waves from spreading. If you want your internet connection to work problem free, it’s necessary to place the router away from metal.

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