8 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You

Trust is a very tricky thing. Our brain takes less than 1 second to decide if we can believe someone or not, but if its decisions were correct, there would be no divorces, destroyed friendships, or cheating. That’s why people tend to be suspicious and not trust anyone they meet immediately. But if you wish to score points with someone, there are some proven methods to do it.

Viral Inspiral looked through tons of information and picked out the most intriguing tips that can make anyone believe what you say.

8. Show that you like them.

Have you heard about the “reciprocity of liking” phenomenon? It refers to the tendency for people to like someone who likes them. This happens because people feel warmth and support from their partner, and it’s also rewarding to know that you’re likable. So if one day you need to gain someone’s attention, show a positive attitude toward them, and you will be likely to receive the same amount of love.

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