8 Self-Defense Tips That Can Do Us More Harm Than Good

Imagine you are walking alone at night. Or maybe it’s daytime, but you find yourself in a shady neighborhood. You certainly want to be prepared and know how to react in case someone attacks you. That’s where self-defense tips might come in handy. However, be careful about whose advice you follow. Because if the tips are taken from an unreliable source that hasn’t had any real experience with these situations, they can work against you and, as a matter of fact, put you in more danger.

That’s why we at Viral Inspiral have done some thorough research on this subject and would like to share with you the dos and don`ts of self-defense.

1. Holding the keys between your fingers

Many people think the best way to use a key for protection is to hold it in a fist between the fingers. However, there are some downsides to this method:

If an attacker sees your clenched fist, the first thing he/she will do is get a hold of the keys and you will have nothing to defend yourself with.
If you try to punch someone with a key positioned that way, you will actually cut your fingers because of the rough edges.
A better way to carry a key is to hold it naturally, as if you were going to open your door. Thus you will not draw any attention to it, and it will be easier to handle.

You can also grip the key facing downward, like a knife. It could help you make a swinging, more powerful motion.

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