9 Body Signals That Can Help You Read a Person Like an Open Book

Our bodies are more honest than our words. Any evasion can be recognized if you pay close enough attention. We don’t recommend jumping to conclusions though, because every person is different. And this means that if you’re going to analyze someone’s behavior, you should start with a little preparation.

We at Viral Inspiral want to give you a tip before sharing this knowledge with you.

The most important thing you should remember when assessing someone’s body language is that everyone has their own baseline behavior. And don’t forget about the context of the situation. So, crossed hands that we might consider a sign of insecurity, could only indicate that a person is cold. After analyzing the situation as a whole, you can draw the right conclusions about whether a person is lying, worried, or just tired.

1. Handshake

The way a person shakes hands can help us make our first impression of them. Profilers talk about 3 types of handshakes:

  • Humble — the palm facing up:
  • Dominating — the palm facing down;
  • Neutral — the hands of both people are in the same position.

Watch how a new person gives you their hand and what they do. If a person has the dominating type of handshake, they are very unlikely to take someone else’s opinion into account and will probably wait for you to agree. A humble or a neutral handshake is more preferable if you are going to discuss difficult topics or if you need to convince a person of something.

Pay attention to the behavior of some politicians: when they want to have the advantage in an argument, they add an unusual gesture (they pat people on the shoulder or pull their hands). As a result, a person may lose the confidence they had before the meeting. Remember this in order to not be manipulated.

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