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9 Crucial Things That Can Lead to a Hormonal Imbalance

Though the thyroid gland is tiny, it controls lots of processes (including metabolism) in our body. When it doesn’t work properly, it may produce more or less hormones than the body needs. In both cases, people may notice unpleasant changes: sudden weight fluctuation, mood swings, skin issues, and even breast cancer.

Viral Inspiral worries about its followers. So we’ve decided to talk about some bad habits that can affect our thyroid.

9. You have too much stress in your life.

Stress affects all your systems, including the endocrine system, in our body. If you’re in a constant state of tension, your thyroid stops working properly and produces too much or too little hormones. If you’ve already experienced problems with your thyroid, stress may lead to panic attacks or long-term memory loss. Lack of sleep and stressful work are also in the list of risk factors.

A hectic lifestyle makes us constantly feel nervous. To reduce the risks, we recommend to sleep enough, walk a lot, and do exercises. In some cases, it’s better to turn to a psychologist: they’ll help you to cope with stressful situations.

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