9 Kinds of Entertainment No Animal Lover Should Take Part In

A normal adult person would never take their child to watch a dog fight because it’s cruel and immoral. But a circus or a dolphin show seem like something completely different. It’s possible that some people either don’t know or prefer to ignore the obvious: sometimes, the kinds of entertainment we are used to and we love are just as cruel as dog fighting.

We at Viral Inspiral value all animals equally and we want everyone who agrees with us to know what is behind these seemingly harmless kinds of entertainment.


Animals in the wild never do the things they are forced to do in circuses. They don’t want to ride bikes, jump through burning hoops, or dance. But they know what will happen if they refuse to do it. In the breaks between their shows, animals live in tiny cages and are constantly moving from one place to another which turns their lives into a nightmare. Animal rights activists are trying to have zoos all around the world banned. And they’ve achieved their goal in many countries. But unfortunately, not in all of them yet.

Alternative: A circus without animals.

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