A Brazilian Couple Spent 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest, and Thousands of Wild Animals Are Back Home

Every year, the Earth loses about 18 million acres of forests, which is equal to the size of Panama. Such significant changes in the environment affect not only humans but countless animals species have to leave their natural habitats and seek home somewhere else. No doubt, our common task today is to stop the destruction of our planet by any means possible. And a Brazilian couple, Sebastião and Lélia Salgado, have proven that anyone can make an impact and turn deforestation on its head.

We at Bright Side found out exactly how this dedicated couple managed to achieve such great results and turn a piece of desolate landscape into a wildlife paradise

It all started with a simple dream about a peaceful life.

Back in 1994, Brazilian photojournalist Sebastião Salgado returned home from East Africa where he was documenting the horrors of the Rwanda genocide. After this traumatic experience, he was looking for peace in the lush green forest of his native land in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil.

However, what he saw there was even more devastating — over a few years, a rich forest had turned into a severely damaged and dusty landscape with dried-up rivers and without any trace of wildlife. The land was only 0.5% covered in trees. Salgado was shattered.

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