A Foster Mother Reveals How It Feels to Adopt a Child

Who adopts children? People who can’t have their own babies? Kind and wealthy people? Celebs? No. As a rule, ordinary families usually adopt children from orphanages. They simply understand that kids shouldn’t grow up behind high fences, they realize that children should live in comfort and love, and they want to at least give one orphan a chance to live a normal life.

One of these people is Daria Moguchaya. She adopted Vasilisa when she was 2 years old. Daria doesn’t think she’s a hero or a superwoman. She doesn’t exaggerate or diminish her merits, she just talks about the life of her family after making this brave decision. She also helps disadvantaged moms overcome difficulties without having to leave their kids alone. Viral Inspiral couldn’t help but share her story.

In my diary, there are notes that go back to 2008 that say I want to adopt a child.

I was 21 then. I don’t know where this decision came from. Maybe it’s all because of my grandparents. They used to work with orphans and I was always around.

When I was almost 25 and already married, I started volunteering at a local orphanage. I sent letters and packages to a girl.

Then I read different stories about adoption on the internet, but they all looked fake, and I didn’t trust them. Then I found an internet forum with real moms, children, and their stories. I read them, learned from, and even met these people together with my husband.

I looked through databases, watched documentary films, and was still a volunteer at an orphanage. Then my husband and I graduated from adoption school. By the way, he wasn’t obligated to do that.

Then our first son Luka was born, and I forgot about this idea for a while.

Then his first teeth started to come in, and I thought, “Who comforts orphans when they suffer from pain?” When Luka woke up at night, he was scared and started crying if I wasn’t by his side. What do orphans feel in situations like that? They also cry. But Luka always knows that I’ll come and be there for him. And what about orphans? Their mothers won’t come.

Then, I started thinking about it again.

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