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Apple Staff Reveal 11 Mistakes iPhone Users Make

Every time we buy a new phone, we are fascinated by how ideal the device is. We don’t even think that something might break. Later, we look at the dead screen and can’t understand what happened.

We at viral inspiral have collected 11 pieces of advice from Apple staff that can help you prolong the life of your favorite smartphone. Please count how many rules you have broken!

1.Use only the original charger.

Charging your iPhone with a fake charger is a very simple thing that can lead to very sad results. You should be very careful about it. Even when you are at your friend’s place, always ask them if they have the original charger. Otherwise, you might end up with a crazy phone that you won’t be able to control. According to some sources, a fake charger can even set your phone on fire or make it explode. So don’t be cheap — you might have to pay much more later.

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